8 Things You Don’t Want to Miss This Weekend: August 10-12

The geniuses who decide things in this country implemented the Mountain Day holiday two years ago to make sure overworked salarymen take days off. But they didn’t make any concessions when the August 11 holiday falls on a Saturday (like this year). While it might be just another weekend, there’s still a lot to squeeze in, so get out there, enjoy some fireworks, some Belgian beer, some rockin’ music, and tell those suits at the Diet to go take a hike.

Join the café maids, idols and residents of Akihabara as they gather at Kanda Myojin Shrine to cool down the neighborhood through the water sprinkling rite of uchimizu.

One of Japan’s summer symbols is the soothing beauty of softly glowing paper lanterns floating along the Sumida river at dusk carrying the spirits of ancestors back to the netherworld.

Head to the three stadiums at the Jingu Gaien sports complex and join the lively crowd



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