5 Japanese Craft Brews that Will Quench Your Thirst This Summer

Summer is well and truly here in Japan and it brings barbecues, beaches, festivals, and beer.

Japan is well-known for having a selection of pilsners to rival the output of Germany. The domestic craft beer market has increased massively, both in number of beer and the kinds of beer available. There are choices out there that are crisper, fruitier, hoppier, or more refreshing than those pilsners. Think pale ales, weizens, saisons, or American IPAs, rather than a bold roasted beer, such as porters or stouts.

Here are five beers we recommend that lend themselves perfectly for drinking in the hot Tokyo summer. They can be found in bottles or cans, so pick some up before your next outdoor festival or picnic.

Boku Beer Kimi Beer by Yo-Ho Brewing

First released in 2014, this has become a stalwart in Lawsons. It’s a 5% saison style beer, that is light and citrusy,



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