Explore the Backstreets of Shibuya: An Area Guide

Follow us through the backstreets of Shibuya, as we explore the lesser-known music, coffee and mixology hangouts of one of Tokyo’s most famous neighborhoods. From record stores frequented by local DJs, to hole-in-the-wall coffee stands and bars serving up some of Japan’s finest craft beer, discover a Shibuya that you have never seen before.

Music to Your Ears

Despite its extinction in most other major cities, an endangered species still thrives in Shibuya: the record store. Find them scattered about the back streets off Inokashira-dori. Next Records is packed with neatly cataloged racks of vinyl, and offers disco, soul, boogie, and hiphop. Across the street there’s Face Records specializing in jazz, soul, funk, and rock. Just down the hill there is Manhattan Records, a 30-year mainstay of DJs and vinyl-heads alike, serving up mostly hip-hop and R&B. For electronic music, check out Technique, just a few blocks away and focusing on techno, house,



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