Onsen While On Your Period: Cultural Taboo Or Well-Prepared OK Experience?

There are articles all over the internet on period sex, but what about period onsen? How many Japanese and foreign women have tried it? Are the only reasons to refrain simply social taboos, or are there legitimate medical issues? And if you are taking the plunge, what products will serve you best? After being curious about it for way too long on my own, and after discovering that many other women are asking the same questions, I decided it was about time to plunge in and get some answers.

Attitudes about period onsen in Japan

Like in many countries, the Japanese attitude to menstruation seems complex and contradictory. Although the practice has mostly died out, traditionally a girl’s first period was a rite of passage in many areas of Japan, celebrated with food (typically, red beans rice) and rituals. Japan today is also one of the only



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