A Mother And Daughter’s Special Day Out With The Hayama Excursion Ticket

Hayama is a popular day trip destination near Tokyo, a lovely oceanside spot carrying the definition of “sophisticated countryside” with nice restaurants, cafes and shops. It is mostly known for its Imperial Villa (the Japanese Imperial Family has maintained a residence there since 1894) and summer residences for the wealthy. In other words, it was the perfect weekend destination for my 69-year-old mother and 42-year-old me. The best part? My kids were to stay behind for a day, letting me enjoy my special date with mom.

The beautiful Hayama beach.

We found out about Savvy Tokyo’s Hayama Girls Trip giveaway contest when a good friend of mine shared the information on my Facebook page. I thought it would be a perfect way to spend a relaxing time with my mother alone and also to get away from our busy daily life.

My mom still works as an English teacher at a private junior high school, and she also teaches at home. She is always busy socializing with many friends, something about her I’ve always respected and loved, but it’s hard to get her to set aside the whole day just for me. And as a mother of two boys in elementary school, a wife of a typical salaryman (meaning crazy work hours), who’s also freelancing from home and working on various projects every day, I myself barely have time to spend time with her.  

I honestly didn’t think we would win, but I’m so glad we did!  

It was great that I could spend a whole day with my mother alone.

The prize from the contest was a pair of tickets that the Keikyu Line offers called the “Hayama Excursion Ticket,”or “Joshi (girl’s) Tabi Kippu” in Japanese, though men are also able to buy it!

The ticket costs around ¥3,000 (varies depending on the boarding station) and includes a round-trip train ride from your nearest Keikyu Line station to Shinzushi station in Kanagawa. It also includes unlimited bus rides in Hayama, a meal voucher, and a gift voucher.

Buying the tickets is extremely easy: all you have to do is just stop by at the ticket machine at any Keikyu Line station. On the touchscreen, you simply choose “お得なきっぷ” (Discount Ticket), following which you get to select the destination and ticket type — in this case, the Hayama Excursion Ticket. You’ll get three tickets to cover your transport, meal and a gift per person).

Buying the special discount ticket to Hayama is a simple task. You will receive three tickets: transportation (A), meal voucher (B) and souvenir voucher (C). 

Once you get to Shinzushi station, the bus stop for traveling around is right at the



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