We use the Seishun 18 Ticket to travel from Japan to Korea by ferry

Now you can take a budget trip to Korea and enjoy all the sights, smells and sounds; without breaking the bank to get there!

Travelers of Japan will have heard tell of a mystical bargain ticket that, once purchased, will allow you five days of unlimited travel throughout any Japan Rail station in the country (on regular speed and rapid trains only, sorry Shinkansen fans). The JR Seishun 18 ticket is a great way to get out there and see the lesser-known sights of Japan at a price that won’t hurt your wallet: it famously costs just 2,370 (US$21.76) per day.

But what if your traveler’s heart yearns for sights beyond the country border? Well, if you live in Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi prefecture, you’re in luck. By applying to the city’s Seishun 18 Ticket Support Campaign you can ride the Busan ferry for a substantial discount, so much that you essentially shave half the regular asking price off of a return ticket to Korea. That leaves you all the more money to spend on ice cream dinosaur eggs!

First thing’s first, though: you must reserve your ticket in advance. You can do this easily enough by calling up the ticket office and requesting use of the seishun juu-hachi kippu no ouen waribiki kyanpe-n. From there you just have to provide your name, date of birth and passport number: naturally, you need a passport for this trip!

Print your affiliated discount form and questionnaires and fill them out, then take them along to the ferry station during the designated Seishun 18 period. Our own Masanuki Sunakoma took all these steps and was soon well on his way to another country! He opted for a large “communal sleeping” room on the ferry, ordinarily priced at 9,000 yen for a one way ticket. With his discount, that single ticket became a drastically reduced 4,500 yen.

(Just a note at this point: the discount is explicitly only good from the Shimonoseki City port. You can purchase a return ticket with the discount, and even a single ticket; but you would need to buy a single from Busan port to Shimonoseki City at full price. You’re also expected to pay an additional 1,300 yen for use of the port facilities and fuel as of December 2018 – and an “International Traveler Tax” will be instituted from January 2019,



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