We try the new Starbucks Classic Tiramisu Frappuccino from Japan

Coffee-soaked sponge pieces are just one of the many reasons to fall in love with this new dessert beverage.

Starbucks has been known to push the envelope in Japan, creating a variety of unique flavour combinations showcasing ingredients like sakura, sesame, and even Christmas cake. Sometimes, though, the coffeehouse chain will appeal to more classic tastes, and that’s exactly what they’re doing this month, with the new Classic Tiramisu Frappuccino.

▼ The new Frappuccino is said to replicate the Italian dessert perfectly, only in drinkable form.

Our resident Frappuccino expert K. Masami was keen to get a taste of the exciting new beverage, so she stopped by her local Starbucks to pick one up as soon as they were released. And when she laid eyes on the new Frappuccino in person, she was happy to report that it looked just as good in real life as it did on the promotional poster.

▼ The whipped cream and cocoa-powder topping looked gorgeous too.

Peering into the drink, Masami could see there would be some surprises in store for her, with tasty chunks of sponge hidden inside the drink’s mascarpone and egg custard base.

Using a spoon, Masami dove into the beverage immediately, scooping up a generous spoonful of liquid and cream. She then placed it all in her mouth and paused as she waited for the flavours to meld on her tongue.




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