We try Starbucks Japan’s new Pistachio Christmas Tree Frappuccino drinks

Starbucks’ new limited-edition holiday drinks are designed to look like decorated Christmas trees…but do they taste like them?

After releasing their Gingerbread and Christmas Cake drinks and White Chocolate Snow Frappuccinos last month, Starbucks has now added a third Japan-exclusive beverage to their 2018 Christmas range: the Pistachio Christmas Tree Frappuccino.

On sale from today, our Frappuccino-loving Japanese-language reporter K. Masami was determined to be one of the first to get a taste of the drinks this morning, so she arrived bright and early at her local Starbucks and saw that the new drink was being welcomed with some customary fanfare.

Posters outside and inside the store showed the new Christmas-themed beverage in all its glory, looking beautiful in glossy festive hues of red and green. And as a special present, each cold drink comes with a special star-adorned straw, so you can really make it look like a Christmas tree.

Masami ordered one each of the hot and cold Pistachio Christmas Tree drinks, and while she hadn’t been feeling Christmassy yet this season, for the first time this year she could feel the first tingles of the holiday spirit begin to seep into her fingertips as she reached out for a sip.

The first festive motif that caught her eye was the gorgeous green whipped cream topping on both drinks, which set them a world apart from last year’s Candied Pistachio release. The hot Pistachio Christmas Tree was rich, creamy and nutty, and when Masami blended the slightly tart berry sauce into the drink, it lifted all the



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