We try epic pancakes at Japanese coffeehouse chain Doutor

Skip Starbucks and head to a premium Doutor for some of the country’s best pancakes.

Year after year, global coffeehouse chain Starbucks continues to take the limelight in Japan, with its seemingly endless array of exclusive,  limited-time offerings.

That means home-grown coffeehouse chains like Doutor can be left in the shadow of the green mermaid giant, but now it’s time for the popular cafe to shoulder its way into the spotlight, with a sweet offering you definitely won’t find at Starbucks: thick, fluffy pancakes cooked in an iron skillet.

After hearing the buzz online surrounding the pancakes, our resident foodie Mr Sato followed the hum to one of Doutor’s more refined establishments, called Doutor Coffee The Farm.

Known as “The Farm”, only four of these outlets exist in the whole country. Designed to feel like a coffee plantation owner’s mansion, these outlets have more premium coffees and gourmet options than regular Doutor branches, offering a more high-class cafe experience.

▼ Even the menus here look chic.

Mr Sato raised the wooden cover to browse the menu, and found he’d opened the door to a whole new Doutor he’d never experienced before. There were three specialty coffees – The Classic, The Doutor, and The Modern – available for 500 yen (US$4.54) each, plus tax.




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