We stress-test Uniqlo’s “Impressive Jacket and Pants” to see if they live up to their names

You would have to be really confident in your products to name them like that.

Uniqlo’s unwavering commitment to quality, style and low cost has made it one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. Funky collaborations with Pokémon aside, the label is all about comfort at really affordable prices.

So when Japanese-language reporter Go received a package he ordered a few days prior, he ripped the parcel open in eager anticipation and stared at what appeared to be Uniqlo’s range of “impressive” wear. The pieces of clothing, however, looked rather ordinary at first glance.

▼ The “Impressive Jacket” came in at 5,990 yen (US$55)…

▼ …and the “Impressive Pants” at 3,990 yen. In this case, “pants” refers to “trousers”, not underwear.

▼ “Doesn’t look all that great to me,” Go muttered under his breath,
totally judging clothes by their cover.

▼ The fabric felt great on his fingers though.

Made of 100 percent ultra-light polyester perfect for spring or summer, Go found the fabric to be surprisingly elastic and rather comfy, but the best way to feel it was to wear it…

▼ …with absolutely nothing underneath.

A doubtful Go began testing the Impressive Jacket and Impressive Pants by simulating what he would normally do when wearing suits.

▼ Such as pulling off his favorite moves at the local nightclub…

▼ …and striking superhero poses while waiting for trains.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” he admitted begrudgingly. You can never be too careful with false advertisements nowadays, and



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