We ordered an Avengers: Endgame cocktail and got a drink brimming with the might of superheroes

Even Thanos would struggle to down this awesome drink themed after six iconic characters from the movie.

It did not take Japanese-language writer Shawn long to figure out that being a fan of action movie Avengers: Endgame has its perks, as Japan has a ton of cool goodies like Avengers-themed Coca-Cola cans.

And as a die-hard fan of the movie himself, it was only a matter of time before Shawn heard rumors of a special bar in Tokyo that catered to movie buffs like him. Curiosity and an investigative mind led our intrepid reporter to Shibuya, outside of a pub split into two floors called the Whales of August.

▼ Unsure of whether to go up or down,
Shawn’s instincts directed him down a flight of stairs.

▼ A first glance revealed a somewhat cozy interior
filled with an assortment of movie posters…

▼ …but one look at the drinks menu completely changed his impression of the pub.

From Hollywood classics like E.T. and Titanic to recent blockbusters like Venom and Transformers, each original cocktail appeared to be themed after a particular movie. Although the establishment updates the menu regularly with different drinks, customers can always order certain award-winning cocktails, too.

▼ New arrivals this time included Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody, and A Star Is Born.

Despite Shawn already having an Avengers: Endgame cocktail in mind, he regarded himself as a gracious individual and first paid respect to the highest grossing film of all time…

▼ …by getting an Avatar cocktail.

▼ A frosty-cold fluted glass was filled with bluish liquid and topped with a sprig of mint.



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