We hung out at one of Tokyo’s most popular pickup spots, drank our hearts out and met many men

It was an exciting night for our female Japanese-language reporter, but how did it turn out exactly?

Our Japanese-language reporter Kamezawa Ikuna had been single for a while, and as a hardworking adult in her 30s who still had to make ends meet, she could hardly find time to socialize and look for a boyfriend. Not to mention that a lot of Japanese men she had met through the years were the passive sort.

Regardless, she surmised that her Prince Charming was not going to magically appear before her, and the quickest way to cross paths with one was to head to Ebisu Yokocho in Tokyo, a hotbed of an alley for many people looking to hookup with members of the opposite sex.

▼ Despite her outgoing personality, Kamezawa had never been there
as it seemed like a scary place with all the throngs of young people milling around.

▼ Leaving the western exit of Ebisu Yokocho Station,
she was immediately overwhelmed by the chic and trendy atmosphere of the place.

She unconsciously clung to her friend for support; good thing she brought someone who lived in the neighbourhood. Scanning her surroundings, Kamezawa noted that the alley contained about 20 pubs or so.

▼ A handy map nearby ensured that visitors would not lose their way.

According to her friend, Ebisu Yokocho was once an ordinary bar-packed alley where locals gathered for cheap eats and great drinks some ten years ago. Celebrities could even be seen mingling here then. Yet somewhere along the way, the place slowly turned into a hotspot for like-minded individuals looking for potential partners.

▼ The cozy atmosphere might have something to do with it.

▼ The pubs were absolutely packed with people…

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