We eat a meal to remember…at a Japanese police station in Fukuoka

Lunch and law enforcement make for a thrilling combination.

There are few things we love more here at Soranews24 than feasting on Japanese food, and when it comes to dining out, the quirkier the dining destination, the better.

So after filling our bellies at the Human Restaurant, a VR airplane, and an old Japanese bathhouse, it was time to visit another weird and wonderful eatery, but unlike many of our other memorable dining discoveries, this one came with a side of trepidation, as it was located inside a police station.

▼ Not your regular restaurant entrance.

After hearing about it through word-of-mouth, our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma set off to visit the prefectural police headquarters in Fukuoka, where he’d heard they serve up a mean katsudon. It’s not a well-known fact, but the cafeteria here is actually open to the public, and all you have to do to try it is enquire at the reception desk and sign in with your name and phone number.

▼ Then you’ll be given an entry badge that directs you to the cafeteria on the basement level of the building.

After making his way downstairs, Masanuki was greeted by a display of the cafeteria meals on offer. There were options like soba, udon, curry, and pasta available, but Masanuki had come here for one thing: katsudon.

Taking a look at the entrance to the dining area, he saw that the place was being run on a meal-ticket system, so he headed over to the machine and made his selection.

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