Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo closes for relocation, marks end of an era in Japan【Pics & Video】

Fishmongers, customers and tourists bid a sad farewell to the famous fish market, which was a Tsukiji mainstay for 83 years.

Tsukiji Market is famous for being the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. Located in a huge facility first constructed in 1935 between Ginza and the Sumida River, the famous site has been a hub of activity for fishmongers, customers, and curious tourists for 83 years, but on Saturday, the market closed its doors at its decades-old location, giving up its prime real estate under instruction by the government, which authorised its move to Toyosu, roughly 3.5 kilometres (2.2 miles) away.

So it was a sad day when the locals bid farewell to Tsukiji, and people from around the world made the pilgrimage to experience one final taste of the market before it closed the curtain on the end of an era. Photos from the final day captured all the atmosphere that made the market so enticing for so many people.

“Well…it’s the final Tsukiji!”

さぁ最後の築地だ! https://t.co/rx3DSmLKu8

美松鮨 (@mimatsu_sushi) October 05, 2018

As always the day started early, as trucks, forklifts and turret trucks were spotted transporting goods around the facility shortly after midnight before the last opening of business.

築地市場も今日が最後。 https://t.co/MfYNq6zXHP

谷津憲郎 (@yatsu_n) October 05, 2018

最後の日でも、人やターレやトラックがせわしく行き交う。 https://t.co/HIHkgPaHZu

谷津憲郎 (@yatsu_n) October 05, 2018

こちらも。 https://t.co/I02EGRDY2L

谷津憲郎 (@yatsu_n) October 05, 2018

While most people in the city were sound asleep, the market was a hive of activity at 3 a.m.

今日の築地は、ものすごいことになってます。4連休前で、たいへんな物量です。全盛期の築地市場が帰ってきたようです。 https://t.co/ik0rx7BxVk

豊洲市場担当記者@日刊食料新聞 (@nikkan_toyosu) October 05, 2018

Then it was time to prepare for the pre-dawn auctions, as fishmongers went about their business inspecting samples, only with a much larger crowd of spectators and photographers on hand to witness the momentous last auction at Tsukiji.

築地市場、最後のマグロ競りの時間が近づいています。例年の初セリと比べると、かなり少ないですね。仰天相場は、あるんでしょうか。あるとしたら、豊洲の一発目のほうじゃないかな。 https://t.co/je88NKXjVV

豊洲市場担当記者@日刊食料新聞 (@nikkan_toyosu) October 05, 2018

築地市場、別れの一本締めで、だんだん最後の日の実感が湧いてきたところでしょうか。みんな、なんとも言えない表情を浮かべています。 https://t.co/dD8I7ZOqUk

豊洲市場担当記者@日刊食料新聞 (@nikkan_toyosu) October 05, 2018

At 5:20 a.m., the prawn auctions began, and four tonnes of prawns were completely sold in just 50 minutes.

築地市場エビ競り場。 4連休前で五割増しの入荷です。 台風の影響がなくてよかったです。 5時20分から競り開始、これは豊洲市場でも変わりません。 競りの前に記念撮影、盛り上がったあとに築地市場最後の競り開始。 50分で約4… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

築地水米 (@ebiwassy) October 05, 2018

▼ And then at 6 a.m., it was time for the frozen tuna auction.

午前6時。冷凍マクロのセリ https://t.co/ZqvlyZI9bq

masaki ikegami (@chakichakiike) October 05, 2018

Outside, the sun had barely risen when traffic around the market and nearby Namiyoke Inari Shrine came to a standstill as cars attempted to enter parking lots in the area.

築地市場、波除神社前の通りは、駐車場入庫待ちのクルマで、すでに全く動いていません。これからお出かけの方、不要不急の築地来訪は、やめましょ。 https://t.co/unnMgKoaYG

豊洲市場担当記者@日刊食料新聞 (@nikkan_toyosu) October 05, 2018

Buses also dropped tourists off at the site, with people lining up in droves at restaurants along the market’s famous Uogashi Yokocho to taste the freshly caught fish.

4時間後。観光客と買い出し客ぎっしりだけど、まだ配達してる店もあるのでお買い物はもう少し待ちます。30分もするとはとバスが来て観光モードも本格化。しかし1日でフレーム組み立ってる。プラモか。 https://t.co/Qrt939BtWA

築地の奥さん@市場ゲー開発中 (@tsukiji_okusan) October 06, 2018

As the morning progressed, it all looked like business as usual, and many found it hard to believe that this was actually the



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