These “cat foot” socks from Japan are so realistic they look terrifying on human feet

Freak out your friends and family with these hyper-realistic socks made to look like cat feet.

Some product ideas sound nice on paper, but run into hiccups in the real world. Foaming bottom soap? Great in theory, terrible in practice. A “chin rest arm” to keep your head up and your posture straight at work? Not very practical.

Maybe you could say the same about these “cat foot” socks created by the company Lemcos and being sold here through Amazon Japan. They’re made to actually look like striped cat feet, even down to the fine details of the fur and the shapes of the toes. On the bottoms of the socks, you can even see the little paw pads and toe beans!

In theory, these cat foot socks would be really cute. The problem is, they’re just too realistic. They make your feet look like giant cat feet, and in practice, that’s pretty weird. That’s what Twitter user and cat lover @Campanula73 learned when they ordered them from Amazon Japan.

“These cat socks were exceedingly more cat-like than I expected.”


campanula73 (@Campanula73) February 05, 2019

Shown here jutting out of @Campanula73’s blue jeans, the cat socks on this netizen’s feet just look unnatural, like an anthropomorphic cat person wearing jeans. We have nothing against anthropomorphic cats, of course, in animated or art form. But it’s a concept that’s a little hard to accept in the confines of reality, and it makes us wonder if @Campanula73 might actually be a nekomata demon cat!

Japanese netizens, understandably, were alternatively in love with and shocked by the socks:

“Those are super realistic. I’m going to buy some for my family as joke gifts!”
“Those really do look like cat feet! If somebody told me that was a cat wearing pants I’d probably believe them.”
“Cats the musical!”
“I want some!!”
“I can’t tell the difference between these and actual cat feet!!”
“These are great”
“I bought some! My thanks to you!”

For the record, there are also nine other realistic animal feet socks on sale from Lemcos, like this absolutely astonishing pair of eagle feet:

@Campanula73 FF外から失礼いたします。 こちらの鳥、もってるのですが…猫の方がかわいいですね…( ◜ᴗ◝)

褌のんたん🕊️ (@72nunenontan) February 07, 2019

▼ The complete lineup

A helpful netizen pointed out that they are also available on Alibaba Express as well, and ship from China. On a quick search

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