The Ryokan Tokyo Yugawara offers a unique writer’s retreat with a luxurious onsen

This is one of the most relaxing ways to get over writer’s block we’ve ever heard of.

Ryokan-style inns and onsen are typically viewed as places for escape, natural beauty, and relaxation (as shown by this list of 10 awesome ryokan in Japan), but what if they were also places to get some work done?

If you’re a writer looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the place for you. The Ryokan Tokyo Yugawara (located in Kanagawa prefecture) offers a unique environment for writers to hunker down and get some work done with services like relaxing onsen, free-flowing coffee, comfortable chairs, a “staff progress check-in,” and more.

They offer two packages: a one-night “immersion” plan that includes three meals, and a two-day “boiled” plan with five meals. Since we’re a full team of writers, one of our staff decided to try out the longer plan to see what The Ryokan Tokyo Yugawara has to offer. Rates start at 23,000 yen (US$211.35) for a two-person room; since only one of our staff went, we were charged 27,300 yen.

▼ A shuttle bus from Yugawara Station took us to the contemporary and Japanese-style ryokan.

At check-in, we paid for our stay, specified our meal times, chose our yukata, and headed to our room. It was located on the fourth floor (a word of caution: there are no elevators!).

▼ Here’s the check-in counter. We were surprised at how warm and wide it was thanks to the large windows that let in natural light!

On our way up, we enjoyed the sounds of birds chirping, the mountain scenery, and the aroma of tatami mats. What we enjoyed even more was our room! The walls are decorated with a gold screen and ukiyo-e style art on the sliding doors to the closet. It also came equipped with a futon bed, TV, extension cord, air conditioner, toilet, table, tea, and comfy beanbag chair.

▼ In order to maintain guests’ privacy, staff don’t roll out the futon for you like some other ryokan offer, so you’ll have to do it yourself!



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