The magical food and gorgeous merch of Tokyo’s brand-new Cardcaptor Sakura cafe and gift shop

Sorry, Kero-chan. You’re cute and all, but fans of the classic anime are definitely going to eat you.

We recently stopped by the just-opened Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition in Tokyo and found tons to be excited over, what with the abundant English descriptions of the pieces on display, real-life costumes for the beloved anime magical girl, and the giant Kero-chan plushie to pose for pictures with. And you know what? That’s still all only a third of the fun, because concurrent with the exhibition are a brand-new Cardcaptor Sakura restaurant and gift shop with exclusive merch.

After we’d seen the exhibits, our next stop was the adjacent Sakura Cafe & Parlor, which has a whole menu of dishes and drinks inspired by the landmark franchise. Being the incorrigible burger fans we are, we’re drawn to the Star Wand Burger (1,580 yen [US$14.10]), which is easily one of the cutest ground-beef sandwiches we’ve ever encountered.

Curry is another thing we’re constantly craving, so we’re also tempted by the Spinel Sun Curry (1,450 yen), which comes with chunks of beef and daikon radish pickles serving as the sour-expressioned character’s ears.

“Napolitan” refers to a Japanese style of spaghetti in which the noodles are accompanied by a sweet, ketchupy sauce and sliced wieners. The Kero-chan Takoyaki Napolitan (1,480 yen), though, also adds a takoyaki octopus dumpling, similar to the ones made by Japan’s tear-jerkingly kind Uncle Fist.

And if you need even more Kero-chan, or more curry, there’s the Kero-chan Steamed Bun (580 yen), filled with curry and garnished with cute and crisp tortilla chip ears.

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