Taco Bell introduces the Naked Chicken Taco to Japan with a special deal for diners in tank tops

We go and flex our muscles for the tasty new taco.

Ever since American fast food chain Taco Bell first arrived in Japan back in 2015, they’ve been treating local customers to some exclusive specials like okonomiyaki burritos and a Google-translated website that rendered “Cheesy Chips” as “Low quality chips”.

Still, it’s always hard to resist the offerings on their Mexican-themed menu, and it’s even harder to pass them up now that they’ve announced the arrival of the new Naked Chicken Taco. And to add to the fun, the fast food chain says they’ll be offering a special deal to customers who order the taco while dressed in a tank top.

▼ Cue the arrival of our reporter P.K. Sanjun, who’s always up for any challenge that requires him to show some flesh.

Tank tops aren’t something you see on the streets of Japan, where societal norms have people usually covering their upper arms, even in the height of summer. P.K. isn’t one to walk on the side of convention, though, so this Taco Bell challenge was right up his alley.

We asked P.K. what the



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