Swiss otaku who threatened to leave homeland over confiscated manga is reunited with his comics

Perverted dojiinshi fan wins legal struggle with customs officials, asserts that loli comics “cause no damage whatsoever to any real people.”

Earlier this month, it looked like Melonpan, Switzerland’s most famous otaku, was no longer going to be a Swiss resident. The trouble started following a recent trip to Japan, where Melonpan bought a ton of independently produced dojinshi comics.

Well, technically, he bought 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of dojinshi. That’s still a lot to carry home in your luggage, though, and Melonpan opted to mail his dojinshi haul back to Switzerland, where upon arrival it was seized by customs officials.

While there’s been no public statement from the Swiss government regarding Melonpan’s case, it’s likely that customs snagged his manga because much of it falls in the loli category, which features young girls in provocative clothing and/or circumstances. Bemoaning a lack of tolerance by his country’s government for



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