Starbucks Japan Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino: The perfect drink for milk tea lovers

A timely taste of royalty as we head into the new era.

Just last month, Starbucks Japan gave us all a taste of their delicious pre-hashtagged Strawberry Frappuccino drinks, which came in a red-and-white pair as a lucky colour combination to see us through the changeover from the Hesei to Reiwa era on 1 May.

Now that a new emperor has taken the throne, it’s time to celebrate the royal ascension, and for Starbucks it’s the perfect time to let a new limited-edition flavour take the spotlight, in the form of the Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino.

Officially on sale at Starbucks locations around the country from 15 May, the new beverage is being given an early debut at some central branches in Tokyo from 4 May, and our reporter Masami was one of the first to get her hands on one as soon as they were released.

The only thing Masami loves more than a good Frappuccino is a good milk tea, so she had high expectations for this new beverage. Judging on first appearances, things were off to a good start, given its beautiful cream-tea hues.

The topping looked gorgeous as well, with a mound of whipped cream sprinkled with shortbread pieces and a honey drizzle.

Delving into the mix with a spoon revealed that



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