Sexy Japanese 7-Eleven ATM anime boys return to enable Comiket spending

Winter Comiket shoppers were treated to a special opportunity: withdraw your cash from an attractive anime man van!

Earlier this year, we reported on 7-Eleven and Animate’s collaborative ATM machines all the powers of a regular ATM machine, but with the added bonus of attractive anime bachelors to comment on your withdrawals. SoraNews24’s own Mr. Sato already had a rowdy brush with the cartoon concierges, but many were unable to meet them in person. After all, both locations the machines were installed at were Animate stores in Tokyo. Hardly worth a trip to the capital just to pull out cash!

▼ One of these dreamy fellows will comment on your transaction

豪華声優演じるイケメンキャラが口座取引きを案内!セブン銀行「セブンコンシェルジュ」アニメイトや丸の内に設置 –

オトメアンテナ (@otome_antenna_) August 24, 2018

It is, however, worth a trip to the capital to hand over fistfuls of yen for handmade fan comics of your favorite franchises, and stand in line to snap pictures of Japan’s most renowned cosplayers. Winter Comiket was held at Tokyo Big Sight on December 29 and attendees flung themselves into the venue en masse in hopes of procuring stacks of fandom goods.

However, for visitors eager to check out the eastern side of the venue, there was a very real chance that they might be stuck once they ran out of money to exchange for CDs, charms and autograph tickets. Tokyo Big Sight only has a dedicated ATM in the western hall, and navigating the pedestrian pathways while battling against a current of sweaty, impatient congoers is no mean feat.

Don’t worry, though, because for the final Winter Comiket of the Heisei era an unlikely hero team emerged: the 7-Eleven ATM boys! Rolling up in a snazzy van plastered in anime men, the good people of 7-Eleven provided the attendees in the eastern hall with the means to fritter away even more of their money on anime merchandise.

▼ Here comes the cash van!

セブンATMカーなんて始めて見た 東8にあるのでオタクは残高を溶かすといいと思うよ

研究所 ジョシュ (@asst_lab) December 29, 2018

#C95 行ってきましたその1。噂の移動セブンATM車も来てた。あと新しく建築中の南棟って、西棟の続きって感じで来年?完成するのね~

にせすか@予想外に財政ボロボロで非常にピンチさん@フォロー可能数限界上限到達状態 (@nisesuka) December 31, 2018

It seems risky for a bank to wheel out their cash machines in a place where there’s very little chance of people depositing anything to compensate for all those withdrawals, but Kenjiro Nishii – the man in charge of Seven Bank – stated he wasn’t worried about the ramifications on as small a scale as this. “Operations like this will only be carried out in situations like this one. We can manage to do something like we’re doing today if it’s only twice a year.”

▼ They were in attendance at Summer Comiket 2018, too.


ねまさん本店 (@mama316yu) August 10, 2018

If you missed out on meeting the handsome 7-Eleven gang, don’t fret –



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