Queer Eye in Japan: Behind the scenes of new Netflix special currently being filmed in Tokyo

We take a look at what the Fab Five have been getting up to during their stay in Japan.

One of the hottest shows on Netflix right now is Queer Eye. An updated version of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, which aired in the U.S. from 2003-2007, the new series has amassed a huge following of fans from around the world, who can’t get enough of the Fab Five and their heartwarming makeovers.

Now, after making over a variety of people in the U.S., and one man in outback Australia for a special episode, Queer Eye is about to air its third season, and they’re currently in Japan to showcase the country and some lucky locals for four special episodes to follow.

▼ First stop after their arrival in late January was Gonpachi (aka the “Kill Bill Restaurant”) in Nishiazabu.

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After more than two weeks in the country, the Fab Five have been exploring Tokyo as they film scenes for the upcoming special, and while people stop to capture photos of the cast behind-the-scenes, it appears that the production crew are keen to keep as much as they can under wraps before the new episodes air.

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So what have the cast and crew been up to during their stay in Tokyo? Let’s take a look at some of the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met, starting with the adventures of grooming queen Jonathan Van Ness.

▼ Soon after arriving in the city, Jonathan was seen strutting around Shinjuku ni-chome,
just around the corner from the SoraNews24 office.

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