Pokémon Wedding Plan being offered in Japan, complete with beautiful Pikachu wedding cake

Organizers hint that the beloved anime/video game franchise’s mascot himself might make an appearance on your special day.

Recently, romantic gamers’ hearts got all aflutter when a wedding chapel in Kobe revealed it will start offering Final Fantasy-themed weddings. But what if your tastes run towards softer and fluffier franchises, or you’re just not planning to get married in the capital of Hyogo Prefecture?

Then perhaps the answer is a Pokémon wedding, which Japanese wedding planning company Escrit, which has venues all across the country, will be happy to hold for you.

Escrit has a dozen chapels in Tokyo alone, as well as others in Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Sendai, and even Okinawa. All of them are stylishly appointed, but soon spouses-to-be will have the option of adding some Pokémon flair to not just the décor, but the celebratory feast as well.

The package includes place cards and program pamphlets decked out with charming illustrations of loving Pikachus with their tails poking out from a bed of flowers, in which they’re possibly sharing a just-married smooch. The bride-and-groom Electric Types also greet guests as part of the welcome board, which is customarily placed at the entrance of the banquet hall where the wedding reception takes place.

If you’re having a Pokémon wedding, odds are you’re more concerned with personality-infused fun that stodgy tradition, and so the wedding cake eschews the stereotypical snowy white whipped cream for a pastel Pikachu-yellow hue, adorned with citrus slices and macarons, some of which are decorated to look like Poké Balls of various categories.

▼ With Pokémon weddings still being a new matrimonial option, the rules of etiquette aren’t completely set, and so the appropriateness of throwing a macaron at your new spouse as a metaphor for how you “caught” them remains a gray area that should be decided on a case-by-case basis.



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