Plastic model fan turns to explosives to make Gundam battle scars extra-realistic【Video】

If you can’t spend hours meticulously painting the blast damage onto your figure, just wrap it in bombs.

Plastic model kits are extremely popular in Japan. There are even dedicated hobby shops with huge aisles of paint, fiddly tools and special stands to assist in the building of these plastic display pieces! Though they do take a long time to perfect, arranging all those little pieces in the kit and fixing them together, then painting the details to get them just right, is all part of the fun.

▼ Just a taster of all the gorgeous things you can craft now with a plastic modelling kit


ヒガシ (@z1higashi) November 07, 2018

What’s cool is that you can think outside the box too. What if you wanted to make a neon pink version of Deathscythe from Gundam Wing? Well, purchase enough pink paint and swap it out, and there you have it. Model kit fans also like to add grit and detritus to their creations with rust, coal smears and other signs of wear that they create entirely through artistic efforts.

Except for when they don’t.

Enter @akakishi95126, a renegade in the world of model kits. Acknowledging his own lack of expertise, he employed his own method of getting a battle-ravaged look for his figurine: he blew it up.

▼ The model both before and after it faced the dynamite

プラモのセンスが無い僕は考えました。リアルに作れない。でも本当に爆発させればリアルどころか本当に爆発してるんだからこれ以上ないでしょ。 って事で爆竹巻きつけてみました。 壊れちゃった部分はハンダコテでごまかし、盾は楽しくなっちゃ……

akakiahi (@akakishi95126) November 05, 2018

“I don’t really have any artistic instincts when it comes to plastic models, so I had this idea. If I can’t make something realistic, why not just do the real thing? There’s no way to get more realistic explosion damage on a figurine than blowing it up, right?”

“So I wrapped it in firecrackers. I admit I snuck some extra damage on there with a soldering iron, and I got a bit carried away with the shield… I was just having too much fun with it!”

And don’t worry, he recorded the crucial moment for everyone to see.

“Here’s a little something for everyone who wanted to see the video footage… I hate the sound of my own voice, so forgive me for nixing the sound.”


akakiahi (@akakishi95126) November 06, 2018

We were also treated to a kind of step-by-step process, as the tweet grew in popularity.

“I soldered through the shield before I blew it up, but this is what it looked like right after.”


akakiahi (@akakishi95126) November 06, 2018

Naturally, the Internet was fascinated with this guy’s unorthodox approach to model modification. Undeniably awesome and authentic as the model now looked, some people got a little too emotional while



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