Pikachu Outbreak 2018 photos! Pikachus parade through Yokohama, bust out dance moves at night

In previous years, the famous and adorable Pokémon went to sleep when the sun went down, but this time they’re staying up late to party!

Yesterday, we shared a slew of photos from the first-ever Eevee show, in which a pack of the beloved Pokémon dance and frolic in the town of Yokohama, 20 minutes south of Tokyo. However, the Eevee excursion is part of the 2018 Pikachu Outbreak, which means that the iconic electric-type Pocket Monster was also in town, with events including an  all-new nighttime appearance.

This year’s Pikachu Outbreak is a little more laid-back than previous iterations, but as soon as you get out of the gates of Minato Mirai



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