Personalized Pokémon gold necklaces are here to empty out our wallets once again

Treat yourself or a friend to one of these exquisitely crafted necklaces and become Poké-pretty.

We’ve previously seen Japanese company U-Treasure make gorgeous Pikachu engagement and wedding rings as well as Eevee and Eeveelution necklaces, each of which left our jaws hanging at their tastefully elegant and understated designs.

And now they’re proving once again that they are among the best at adapting our favorite childhood characters into stylish goods with their latest line of customizable necklaces

▼ The sleek design makes up for the slight spelling blunder of “pocket” in their ad.

The necklaces can be customized according to five different aspects, giving you a wide berth of creative control over the finished product. These aspects appear in the following flow chart on the online order form:

(Scroll down for translation.)

1) Font

Select from four different fonts: Arial, Century, Sacramento, or Yellowtail.

2) Text

You may request a name, initials, or even a date (eight character limit), including some special symbols such as a dot (.), ampersand (&), heart mark (♡), or infinity sign (∞). Please note that the company may reject certain words related to alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and others deemed inappropriate. For some strange reason, Pokémon names are also a no-go.

3) Character mark

Here’s the really fun part! Choose from 19 possible Pokémon character outlines, including Pikachu, the Kanto starters, Mew, Eevee, all eight Eeveelutions, and four types of Pokéball variations. What mood do you find yourself in today?

4) Mark position

There are four different positions in relation to the text for your character mark of choice: left/straight, left/titled, right/straight, and right/titled.

5) Color

Last but not least, select the color

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