Our lovestruck reporter tries to make a batch of cookies for his girlfriend for Japan’s White Day

After getting love-dovey Valentine’s Day chocolate for the first time in his life, Seiji steps into the SoraKitchen to make cookies that require no butter or liquid.

Valentine’s Day was very special this year for our Japanese-language reporter Seiji. After several years of a completely inactive love life, Seiji got home-made Valentine’s Day sweets for the first time in his life when his girlfriend Mimi (who we helped him find) surprised him with a chocolate cake made just for him.

▼ The written message makes Mimi’s feelings for Seiji pretty clear.

One first-time experience led to another, though, as one month later, on March 14, Japan celebrated White Day, on which guys are supposed to give a thank-you gift to girls who gave them Valentine’s Day presents. And since Mimi had gone to the trouble of making Seiji something home-made, he figured he should return the favor in kind and bake some cookies for her.

There was only one problem: Seiji had never made cookies in his life.

▼ Seiji

But thanks to his work here at SoraNews24, Seiji has heard about this thing called “the Internet,” and so he went online and started checking recipes on spice and seasoning company S&B’s website, and he eventually settled on one called Simple Cinnamon Apple Walnut Tofu Cookies.

Not only did they look easy to make, the recipe uses no butter, which is something Seiji figured Mimi would be happy about, since she tends to eat very healthy (occasional chocolate cake notwithstanding).

But butter isn’t the only orthodox cookie ingredient these treats don’t require, as the recipe also doesn’t use any milk or water. The complete ingredient list, as pictured above, is:
Pancake mix (100 grams [3.5 ounces])



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