Otaku husband returns home after argument to find wife has destroyed his anime robot collection

Broken Gundam and broken trust sparks Internet debate about whether or not her actions were justified.

On the morning of December 26, Japanese Twitter user @fTWrU0Wawr5tnPM and his wife got into an argument before he went to work. Apparently there was still a lot of simmering animosity, at least on his wife’s side, at the point their conversation had ended, because when @fTWrU0Wawr5tnPM returned home later that day, this is the scene that was waiting for him.

家に帰ると 朝喧嘩した嫁が僕のプラモ棚を 破壊していました。 ライトニングサイクス ブレードライガー ガンスナイパー シャドーフォックス ユニコーンガンダム さようなら…。 辛すぎる。 https://t.co/NDEzGRWVmD

[email protected]!$μKε (@fTWrU0Wawr5tnPM) December 26, 2018

That room of overturned shelves and display stands is where @fTWrU0Wawr5tnPM stored the plastic models he builds as a hobby. While he was out, his wife decided to take her frustration out on his collection, with a variety of robots from the Zoids and Gundam anime franchises suffering her wrath.

@fTWrU0Wawr5tnPM tweeted:

“I got into an argument with my wife this morning, and when I got home, she’d broken my model shelves. Lightning Saix, Blade Liger, Gun Sniper, Shadow Fox, Unicorn Gundam…farewell. This is so sad.”

▼ At least he still has this photo he took of his mecha from before their untimely demise.

@omake5514 綺麗だった頃の写真見つけちゃって また涙出てきた。 https://t.co/5Oh8JHrSc2

[email protected]!$μKε (@fTWrU0Wawr5tnPM) December 26, 2018

Many online commenters offered their condolences as they criticized the way in which @fTWrU0Wawr5tnPM’s wife channeled her anger.

“What a disaster. Breaking defenseless things is such a cowardly act.”
“Unforgivable. The models didn’t do anything wrong.”
“I’d want a divorce.”
“Did she stop psychologically developing as a child?”
“Even if you’d been in an argument, breaking someone else’s things when they’re not around is wrong. Actually, it’s wrong if the person is around too.”
“I don’t know what you two had been arguing about, but breaking things is hardly ever the right thing to do.”

In contrast to that last comment, though, a handful of Twitter users felt that the basis for the disagreement that led to the attack on the models is important.

“Of course it’s wrong to break someone else’s things, but something made your wife unable to keep from doing that. As her life partner, I think you should be concerned about her feelings.”
“Why did your wife end up going that far? If I had a husband who was more focused on models than family affairs, I’d probably be so constantly irritated by the presence of his models that I’d want to puke. It might be just my imagination, but maybe that’s what caused the argument in the first place?”

This isn’t the first time the Japanese Internet has debated the ramifications of a romantic partner purposely doing something to damage one’s otaku hobbies, and as in those previous



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