Official Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball cosplay outfits from Japan turn your pet into an anime hero

All Sailor Senshi represented, and a few Dragon Ball villains are also part of the new line of pet supplies.

With more anime being produced than ever before, the “in” series to cosplay as characters from change every three months with the start of the next Japanese television season. But even in the fast-paced world of modern anime fandom, a well-done Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z costume is sure to get a nod of appreciative approval from fans.

And if that’s true for human cosplayers, it’s sure to hold true for dog and cat cosplayers too.

Anime merchandiser Bandai has announced the formation the new Charapeti brand, a partnership with Japanese pet supply company Petio. Some of the first items Charapeti will offer will be the Sailor Moon cat cosplay capes, like the ones seen above for Sailors Moon, Jupiter, and Venus (with Mercury and Mars promised to join the lineup as well), which will be priced at 2,678 yen (US$24).

Canine cosplayers can also get in on the fun with skirted Sailor Senshi outfits for dogs for 3,218 yen

If you get your ‘90s Japanese animation fix more from super-powered martial artists than magical girls, Charapeti can supply your pooch with Dragon Ball protagonist Goku’s trademark orange gi (2,678 yen).

While there’s no direct Goku gi substitute for cats, the tunic-like Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza costumes (3,218 yen) can be worn by either dogs or cats.

When your pets’ day of defending humanity from the forces of evil comes to a close, they can relax on a cushion shaped like Goku’s Flying Nimbus (5,378 yen)…



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