New Pokémon dress shirt line lets you dress like an adult in the company of all 151 Kanto species

Wearing a suit to the office isn’t so bad when you’ve got Pikachu, Eevee, and your other Pokémon pals with you.

As of November, Pikachu can now be part of your legal signature in Japan, thanks to a line of Pokémon personal seals. Of course, if you’re old enough to need to be putting your signature on contracts and other important documents, there’s a chance you have a professional or private life that requires you to dress up in big-boy clothes now and again.

But don’t worry, your Pokémon passion is now covered on that end too.

▼ Close-up

Japanese men’s dress shirt maker Original Stitch is teaming up with the beloved anime/video game franchise to create the brand-new Pokémon Shirts label, and they’re jumping into the venture with both feet. Rather than play it safe and just offer a Pikachu shirt to start, Original Stitch can make you a custom shirt featuring any of the 151 original Kanto Region Pocket Monsters.

What makes the whole thing especially cool is how much minute customization you can do. For example, you could have the Pokémon pattern across the entire shirt, like with the Pikachu design above, but if that’s too much, you can also compartmentalize your Pokémon salute to the collar and cuffs, like with these Squirtle and Bulbasaur shirts.

Naturally, putting Pocket Monster on your pocket is also an option, like with Charmander here.

▼ The same pattern, but applied to the entire shirt and with a more open collar.

You can even go super-subtle with Pokémon patterns on the inside of the collar and cuffs.

Golem pattern

Of course, a big part of the fun of the Pokémon games



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