New line of modern samurai fashion for fall/winter will make you warm and cool

Whether you’re going completely old school or just want a touch of swordsman chic, Japanese fashion label Trove has you covered.

The weather in Japan is in that weird changing-of-the-seasons period right now. If the sun is out, it’s going to be way too hot for a full-on winter coat, but if night has fallen and the wind is blowing, you’re going to want something warmer than just a long-sleeved shirt.

But Japanese clothing label Trove is here with a new collection that’s perfect for straddling the seasons, just like how the company’s fashions themselves bridge Japan’s samurai past with its contemporary eclecticism.

Trove has made a name for itself with its Wa Robe (wa meaning “Japanese”), and the newest additions to the line combine cues from centuries-old classic aesthetics with warm fabrics that were unknown to Japan before the end of its isolationist feudal age, like with this wool haori half-coat, which is available in the samurai-shibui shades of dark brown and navy blue.

If you’d prefer something lighter and softer, the haori is also offered in a fluffy “boa” material, in a shade Trove calls “bear.”

Those looking for a more substantial overgarment can opt for Trove’s wool dotera, a padded jacket usually worn over a kimono, which comes in black or charcoal gray.

Those looking to go full-modern samurai can pair these with a pair of billowy wool hakama pants in either navy or dark brown…

…as well as retro juban straight-collared short, evocative of the top half of the thin robe traditionally worn under a kimono.

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