Museum of poo opening in Japan, has living poo mascot that lays other living poos

Colorful museum’s management promises “photogenic” experience and fun “shit game.”

Just half an hour south from Tokyo, the bayside city of Yokohama makes for a great day-trip from Japan’s capital. Among the attractions Yokohama boasts are a beautiful harbor district, awesome seaside Ferris wheel, and two separate ramen museums (one for restaurant ramen, and one for the instant variety).

Come this spring, Yokohama will be getting another museum, and this one is filled with crap. And no, we’re not trying to be dismissive of art or science, because it really is dedicated to poo.

The Unko Museum makes no attempt to hide its nature, as “unko” is one of the Japanese words for “poo.” Unko, or the shortened un, which also shows up several times in the museum’s promotional materials, such as when it describes what it has to offer as “untertainment.”

▼ Are crappy puns a lower or higher form of comedy than regular puns?

The museum has outlined three themes, with “unteractive” being the basis for an interactive art display in which visitors step on light-projections of turds on the ground, causing them to visually splatter in what the museum management calls “a retro-style kuso game (‘shit game’).”

There’s also the “unstagenic” area, where you’ll find an assortment of colorful and shining turd coils to use as backdrops for taking photos to share on Instgram or other social media platforms. Finally, “untelligence” aims to be a thought-provoking art appreciation space, where you’re invited to gaze upon poo sketches from luminaries and other guests, or leave a sketch of your own.

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