Masi Oka and the Everyst team tell us about the art of making manga that exists solely on Twitter

SolarFlare is among the list of manga titles flying off the printed page and into the Twitterverse.

Everyst is a new app and storytelling platform that presents manga in a whole new way. Rather than reading the story in sequence from a book, these plots are presented to you in a weekly flurry of tweets by its main characters such as in the series SolarFlare.

Strapped in. Ready for blast-off.

Natsuko (a live-tweeted story) (@S_F_Nat) November 28, 2018

It might seem a little simple at first glance, especially if you’re expecting a fully-fleshed story in the traditional sense, but it’s really a neat concept that takes easy reading to a whole other level.

Do you ever notice whenever reading a sudden barrage of tweets from Donald Trump or Kanye West, you start to build a mental image of what they’re doing right at that moment? That’s the imaginary world where SolarFlare and other Everyst manga plays, both full of potential and breezily immersed in your normal Twitter feed.

@S_F_Felip They’re all gonna hurt come tomorrow!

Lyle (@S_F_Lyle) November 22, 2018

Here to tell us more is the CEO of 96 Problems and founder of Everyst Ben Watanabe, along with Everyst Editor-In-Cheif and SolarFlare‘s writer Hengtee Lim, and its co-creator Masi Oka, who you also probably know as the star of shows like Hawaii 5-0 and Heroes and producer of the Netflix Death Note adaptation and upcoming Hollywood Attack on Titan adaptation.

▼ Pictured left to right: Masi Oka, Ben Watanabe, and Hengtee Lim

・Masi, how did you get involved in Everyst and what attracted you to the platform?

Masi: “I was introduced to Everyst by a longtime friend who invested in Everyst and works in the Japanese publishing industry. He thought that it could be a good match for me to get involved in and when I saw Everyst I thought he was right. We’re always looking for ways to bridge the interest of our fans during the hiatus between seasons of TV shows or movies of a franchise. I thought there was great potential there for a platform like Everyst to keep that fan engagement alive.”

・ Can you tell us more about the fan engagement? One of the big questions I had while reading was whether or not I could interact with the characters since it was essentially a story



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