Lupicia to release special tea blends based on Studio Ghibli films!

Lupicia’s back at it again with their amazingly cute Ghibli collabs!

You may remember this limited-edition tea that Studio Ghibli released in collaboration with Lupicia that uses tea from My Neighbor Totoro‘s real life forest. This spring, the Donguri Kyowakoku Ghibli Store is teaming up with Japanese tea brand Lupicia again to produce a couple of limited-edition tea blends and containers starting April 13. They’re based on scenes and characters from My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service, two of Studio Ghibli’s most popular films.

This spring’s Totoro tea is a blend called “Rooibos Dandelion.” One limited-edition design can of these fragrant leaves will cost you 1,800 yen (US$16.12). The lid of the can features an image of big, medium and small Totoro surrounded by cheerful yellow dandelions.

▼ It also features a line of text about a present received from Totoro.

The can itself, colored blue, is decorated with more dandelions and the word “Totoro”, along with the date “1988,” also known as the year that the film My Neighbor Totoro was released.

▼ How many of you have the same birth-year as Totoro?

The tea itself is a blend of green rooibos and corn, inspired by the gift of corn that the character Mei gave to her grandmother in the film.

▼ It contains no caffeine, so you can drink it before sleeping and hope for Ghibli-filled dreams.

The Kiki’s Delivery Service collab tea features the two lovebirds–or should we say love cats?–Jiji and Lily. It captures the first glance they had of each other, which led to one of the film’s cutest romances. This blend is called “The Rose Garden,” (also 1,800 yen) displayed by both the border of roses on the tea can’s lid and the blend of tea itself.

▼ The text on this can is from a letter that Kiki wrote to her mother in the film.

The side of this tin is a pastel pink with



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