Krispy Kreme’s new line of doughnuts offers plenty of Japanese tea goodness

“Wacha” doughnuts combine Japanese tea flavors with classic doughnut sweetness to delectable-looking results!

Tea flavored treats have long been popular in Japan, and this spring, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan will be coming out with several tea-themed items of their own, each with some creative East-meets-West twists.

That’s right, Krispy Kreme Japan’s new “Wacha” (which literally means “Japanese tea”) menu offers doughnuts that combine Japanese matcha and roasted hojicha green tea with ingredients like fruits and nuts, and some refreshing tea-infused cold drinks as well.

The aim is to provide consumers in Japan with a fresh take on tea flavored sweets by combining Japanese tea with unorthodox ingredients.

Let’s take a look at the Wacha menu:

1.  The “Uji Matcha Cream and Strawberry” Doughnut (230 yen, US$2)

Both the doughnut and the green cream on top here contain Uji matcha, powdered green tea from Uji City in Kyoto. The matcha cream is further topped with lines of white chocolate, strawberry-flavored pink curled chocolate shavings, and freeze-dried strawberries. The matcha and strawberry should provide a nice contrast both in flavor and color.

2. The “Citrus Green Tea Ring” Doughnut (230 yen)

This brightly colored doughnut is also made with a Uji matcha base, topped with a white chocolate layer coated with a mixed lemon and yuzu citrus glaze, plus swirls of matcha chocolate and pieces of yuzu peel for the finishing touch. The flavor of the matcha tea and the zesty citrus should make for a refreshing combination.

3. The “Hojicha Old Fashioned” Doughnut (230 yen)

This is basically a Hojicha (roasted tea) latte turned into an old-fashioned doughnut. The doughnut base is infused with the roasted aroma of hojicha, and the white chocolate coating and roasted almond bits on top only add to the flavor and texture.

4. The “Uji Match Old Fashioned” Doughnut (200 yen)



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