KitKat Pairing Bar, manned by AI pairing sake with Kit Kats, to appear in Tokyo this month

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of booze goes best with what kind of Kit Kat, here’s your chance!

If you’ve been following us for very long, then by now you probably know that Japan’s selection of KitKats puts almost any other country’s to shame. Between their exclusive Ruby Chocolate and Sublime Volcano lines, their traditional Japanese flavors, and their luxurious bars with toppings, it seems like every few months a new flavor is coming out that we are just dying to try.

Perhaps one thing we should have been doing with our KitKats all along was pairing them with sake. The regional KitKat flavors, called “Gotouchi no KitKats”, which are made using locally sourced ingredients to taste like regional specialties from all across the country, would pair especially well with Japanese sake, but it never occurred to us to try. Now that there’s going to be a temporary stall entirely dedicated to it, however, we have no reason not to!

The stand, called “Gotouchi no KitKat Pairing Bar”, will be in Roppongi Hills from April 19 to 29, as part of CRAFT SAKE WEEK, from 12 to 9 p.m. But not only does it provide suggestions for pairing alcohol and Kit Kats, but the stand is manned entirely by robots, who will give you a pairing based on your own personal preferences!

It works like this: When you approach the bar, you pay two “Craft Sake Week Coins”, which you will purchase at the event entrance along with your tasting glass for 3,500 yen (US$31.25). Then, the AI will ask you five questions to determine what you like, and it will select one of the 10 types of sake available for the day to pair with a regional KitKat flavor.

▼ The flavors include Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato, Tochigi Strawberry, Hiroshima Momiji Manju, and many more.

Each day, the robots will have 15 kinds of KitKat and 10 different kinds of sake to pair with them, with 150 possible pairs available per day. You could go every day, or go back multiple times a day, and get a totally



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