Japanese woman’s perfect answer when man calls her office and asks “What color are your panties?”

Since he had a question for her, she had a couple for him too.

Because of Japan’s strict customer service standards, almost all companies dictate employees give a thorough greeting when picking up the phone, generally something along the line of “Thank you very much for taking the time to call us here at Company X of industry Y. This is so-and-so from the such-and-such department, How can I help you?” Due to the length of the greeting, it’s pretty easy for the caller to discern the gender and approximate age of the employee who picked up the phone, which leads us to Japanese Twitter user Yuki (@BIGBONG).

今日のできごと 仕事場に電話かかってきて 「今日のパンツ何色?」とのことだったので 「お調べしますのでわかり次第折り返し致しますね!失礼ですがお名前とご連絡先をお伺いしてもよろしいですか?」 って答えたら電話切れた




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