Japanese Twitter shows us how to cool a beer in 10 minutes

Japanese Twitter always knows what’s important.

We’ve shared lots of life hacks here on SoraNews24. Most are for emergency preparedness, like how to conserve water in a disaster, or how to make a long-lasting oil lamp out of a can of tuna. Some are just plain useful, like how to safely and naturally repel mosquitos and cockroaches. But none are as important or as life-or-death as the one we are about to teach you:

How to cool a beer quickly!

Because who hasn’t gone to open a beer, only to realize that somebody forgot to replace the one they took out of the fridge? Who hasn’t felt the stomach-dropping, dark despair of being stuck with a warm beer, forced either to drink it like some kind of Neanderthal, or to put it in the fridge and wait several hours for it to get cold.

Nuh uh, no thanks. Thankfully, Japanese Twitter has the answer!

▼ “This is a drunk’s wisdom: To quickly warm up a room-temperature beer, wrap it in a wet paper towel and put it in the fridge. In about 10 minutes, it’ll change into a cold beer! Since it takes about four hours for beer to cool normally, this is a pretty quick option.”

酔っ払いの知恵。常温ビールをいち早く冷やすには、濡らしたキッチンペーパーに包み、冷蔵庫にin。大体10分ぐらいで冷えたビールに早変わり!普通に冷やすと4時間ぐらいかかるから、相当早く飲める。 https://t.co/eJkJvwGYQk

ナベきち (@maple4124) December 19, 2018

That’s right, according to Twitter user Nabekichi (@maple4124), simply wrapping a beer in a wet paper towel and putting it in the fridge for as little as 10 minutes apparently does the trick!

Of course, you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet, so we had to give it a try to see if it would really work. We just happened to have some beers lying around, so we put on our goggles and gloves and geared up for a SoraScience Experiment!

First, we tried it on a small can of Heineken, a popular Dutch beer. We soaked some paper towel…

Wrapped it around the can…

And the



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