Japanese Twitter falls in love with trash cat who jumps out of trash can【Video】

You’ll never have any need for a jack-in-the-box with this cute cat and a flip-lid trash receptacle!

If you’re a cat owner you might call your cat all manner of things, ranging from the doting (“Who’s a fluffy little sweetheart?”) to the affectionately insulting (“You’re a trash baby, yes you are.”).

So today, we at SoraNews24 would like to treat you to an actual trash baby. This video, uploaded to Twitter by cute animal aggregate account @GY18164253, shows a cute fluffy grey who’s got a dynamic way of saying hello..

😂 https://t.co/viHvMgwt4o

G. Y (@GY18164253) February 25, 2019

After a couple of taps the trash can gives birth to an entire fluffy bundle of kitteny goodness, who blinks in astonishment before tumbling back into the garbage. Don’t fret, though – another round of tapping summons the kitty right back!

In the replies, commenters hastened to post reminiscent images. Do you remember this cute coin bank that was all the rage a few years ago?

▼ It’s about time we got a remake based on the flip bin in the video instead of a tangerine box.

@GY18164253 https://t.co/fwVIjMkzfk

死ゅでい⌒(ё)⌒ウミネコ (@syude_0427) February 27, 2019

And apparently the grey kitty in the video isn’t the only one hanging out with the potato peelings and fish bones.

@GY18164253 https://t.co/Zp5De3uyTe

  (@morty5678) February 26, 2019

There’s little as fun as watching the cat’s stunned face as it springs out of the bin, so thank goodness a smart Twitter user recorded a special “highlight reel” of the event.

@GY18164253 @shou_ps4 https://t.co/kzSNhVTl1G

たぬ@youtuber (@tanutheworld) February 27, 2019

Of all the places we’d expect to see a cat, this is definitely in the top five – alongside a filled bathtub, chilling with dogs, apartments with no-pets clauses or a Buddhist altar.

Source: Twitter/@GY18164253 via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@GY18164253

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