Japanese Internet mythbusting: Can a corn dog soaking in energy drink charge a smartphone?

It’s a SoraScience experiment as we test out a piece of viral Internet trivia from Japan.

The internet is full of useful information like how to open stubborn bags of chips or make a beer dispenser using only of an empty plastic bottle. But in this vast sea of information, some ne’er-do-wells like to sneak in fake tips to trick people such as sticking an iPhone in a microwave to charge it.

The latest piece of net-based science comes from Twitter user Kusowaro Daizenshu (@kusowaraeruwwww) which shows a seven-second video that depicts a corn dog soaking in Monster energy drink being used as an iPhone charger.

“Did you know an American Dog and Monster can be used as a charger? LOL No one knew? LOL Anyone who tries this, retweet!”

アメリカンドックとモンスターで充電できるって知ってた?www どうせ皆知らんやろ?😎www やってみたい人RT! https://t.co/DEbamTADOl

クソワロ大全集 (@kusowaraeruwwww) March 07, 2019

It’s interesting to note that in Japan a corn dog is called an “American dog”, which makes it really awkward for me to order as a foreigner. I always feel like the clerk is giving me a look as if to say, “Yeah, I bet you want one of those, doncha?”

On the other hand, its fair to distinguish them from corn dogs, because the batter is much sweeter and more like pancakes than the ones sold in America, ironically.

Now, on to the actual theory that an American dog and Monster energy drink can charge a smartphone. Normally I’d think it’s an absurd notion, and I’d be backed up by this account’s Twitter handle that translates to “@f**king funny lolololol” along with a suspicious amount of lols in the caption.

But I always like to keep an open mind, and if a potato can power a flashlight, why not this? So, I decided to try it out firsthand and see if it works. First, I bought an American dog and a can of energy drink, got judged by the clerk, and then returned to the office to begin my research.

I placed the American dog on the plate and poured in a little bit of Monster.



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