Japanese idol singer who was attacked at home makes on-stage apology for “causing commotion”

”You didn’t do anything wrong!” shout fans as management confirms attackers were helped by information provided by another idol.

This week, idol singer Maho Yamaguchi, a member of Niigata-based multi-vocalist unit NGT48, broke a one-month silence about being attacked by two male fans as she entered her home. The two men were arrested but subsequently released without charges being pressed, and in statements made through streaming video and her personal Twitter account, the 23-year-old Yamaguchi expressed her sadness and frustration at the lack of response from NGT48’s management in addressing the problem.

“I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this sort of thing, and so I had no choice but to tell everyone,” tweeted Yamaguchi, who also repeatedly reiterated that she did not want fans to think ill of NGT48 itself, and hoped they would continue to support the group.

▼ Maho Yamaguchi, in a photo taken prior to the attack

#アイカブ 感謝祭ありがとうございました✨ 皆さんが追い上げてくれて、最終結果が1番良い結果になったと思います✨ 私も100レベ到達するように毎日アイカブをやって、皆さんと一緒に頑張れた気がしてとても嬉しい😭💓 一緒に頑張ってくだ… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

山口真帆 (@maho_yamaguchi) December 04, 2018

The timing of Yamaguchi’s tweets came just one day before the three-year anniversary celebration of the opening of NGT48’s associated theater venue in Niigata City, which took place on January 10. Though Yamaguchi did not take part in the event’s opening musical number, she did join the festivities mid-way through, performing on stage before eventually taking a moment to address the fans, as seen in the tweeted video below.

山口真帆さんは謝罪する立場じゃねえだろ?NGT48の運営どうなってんだよ。今村支配人が隠蔽したんだろ?ここまで炎上して揉み消せると思ってんの? https://t.co/xW51rpWLOM

サイレントラーメン (@shibata3131) January 10, 2019

With her voice cracking as she fights to keep from sobbing, Yamaguchi tells the audience “Recently, I caused a large commotion, and I am sincerely sorry.” She then bows deeply in apology before continuing:

“As I explained the other day, there are people I want to protect, and so I ended talking about the things I did. This has caused trouble for people who have helped and supported me, and I would like to apologize for that.

I want to continue working hard as vice-captain of Team G [one of NGT48’s three sub-units] and hope this can be the start of taking NGT48 in a new direction. I hope you’ll all continue to support NGT48.”

In her previous comments about the attack, Yamaguchi insinuated that the men who assaulted her had been able to find her home because of information they’d been supplied with by another idol in NGT48. The group’s official website has since been updated with a statement from the management confirming that another NGT48 idol (who remains unnamed) had been approached on the street by a man who asked her if she knew where Yamaguchi lived. The unnamed NGT48 member did not know Yamaguchi’s address, but during the conversation gave the man enough information



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