Japanese gravure idol has a fishy secret to share in her bathroom 【Photos】

Shihomi Yoshino poses topless in the shower but no one’s looking at her breasts.

From acting like a cat to playing J-Pop medleys on the piano in your underwear, there are so many beauties on the gravure modelling scene in Japan that women often have to go to extreme lengths to make themselves stand out and get noticed by fans.

One woman currently blowing her competition out of the water is a gravure idol called Shihomi Yoshino, whose Instagram and Twitter accounts are filled with raunchy images.

びよんびよんびよーん。 #10秒グラビア https://t.co/mpSyan2lV2

吉野七宝実 (@Shihomi0305) March 04, 2019

Recently, though, the model decided to let fans into her bathroom for a very different kind of reveal, with this unusual tweet.

“This is a gravure idol’s bathtub.”

こちらがグラビアアイドルのお風呂場になります https://t.co/SmK8J5Kt3x

吉野七宝実 (@Shihomi0305) March 06, 2019

After the surprising peek into her bathroom went viral, garnering over 60,000 likes and 25,000 retweets, Yoshino decided to step into the bathtub herself to try her hand at a “dried fish gravure photo shoot”.

こんなにバズったの初めてなんで干物グラビアやってみました😂 新しく知ってくださった皆さんありがとうございます! 釣りとボルダリングが趣味のグラビアアイドルです。 https://t.co/tBE6RD64dy

吉野七宝実 (@Shihomi0305) March 06, 2019

It appears the fishy photo shoot went down a treat, with the images receiving 25,000 likes, and according to Yoshino, this isn’t just a one-off grab at attention, as the gravure idol actually has a real passion for fish and fishing.

だはあー!!!! 今日はこのカサゴちゃんのみ。。。。 船内でヒラメ2枚しか釣れてなかったから今日は厳しい日でした〜!! はあ〜、難しかったなあ〜。 最近釣れないと船の上で立ちながら寝る、スタンディングふて寝のスキルを覚えたw https://t.co/SA728K5FIr

吉野七宝実 (@Shihomi0305) March 01, 2019

And in response to people wondering what her bathroom smells like, Yoshino says it’s not a problem at all, as she prepared the fish properly beforehand. And proving she knows what she’s doing when it comes to drying fish, Yoshino has provided us all with this handy bit of information.

“Completely remove the innards and bloody bits near the spine. I use a toothbrush to scrape away all the unnecessary bits. Then, boil the fish in a litre of water with 150 grams of salt, two tablespoons of sugar, and some herbs (this time I used bay leaf and basil) before leaving it overnight to marinate.”

参考までに極力臭くならない方法 内臓と血合いを綺麗に取る!私は歯ブラシでゴシゴシ取ってます。 そのあと、水1リットルに対して塩150g砂糖大さじ2くらい、あとなんかハーブ(今回はローリエとバジル)を一度沸騰させて常温にした液に… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

吉野七宝実 (@Shihomi0305) March 07, 2019

Despite her instructions on how to dry fish of your own at home, many commenters showed more of an interest in the dried fish themselves.

“I want these dried fish”.

@Shihomi0305 この、干物 欲しいです。 https://t.co/raOXhuXKMA

ヒトシ @697 (@hitosihnakano) March 07, 2019

“I want to be this fish.”

@Shihomi0305 これになりたい https://t.co/DdwJmP8uL9

えぼらくりすます (@naeyami_chan) March 06, 2019

Given the love she’s received for her fishy bathroom, Yoshino is now carving out a very special niche of her own that’s tied up with her unusual passion for fish, and she’s even proudly changed her profile photo to this one below.

#新しいプロフィール画像 干物グラビアの人感増し増しにしてみました🐟 #干物グラビア https://t.co/qXYeWOEycu

吉野七宝実 (@Shihomi0305) March 08,



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