Japanese girl says she won’t get married because she loves Frieza too much, mom has epic response

This mom knows what’s up.

Just like with idol fervor, a person’s love for a particular animated character can make them do some pretty crazy things, like spend tens of thousands of dollars on merchandise to wear as enormous, bulky costumes at conventions.

For one Japanese girl, Twitter user Fau, that meant singular devotion. She loves the Dragon Ball villain/frenemy Frieza so much, that at the tender age of 19 she decided she couldn’t love anyone else, and would never get married in the future.

▼ I mean, who wouldn’t find this guy insanely attractive?

She wrote on Twitter that when she told her mom this, her mom had a fantastic response that she still remembers clearly today:

▼ Translation below:

初恋をフリーザ様に捧げ、あまりにフリーザ様が好きすぎて19歳の頃母親に「フリーザ様が好きすぎて人間を好きになれないので結婚しませんごめんなさい」と宣言し「星を壊滅させるほどの力を持つフリーザ様がお前のような人間の小娘を気にかけると… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Fau (@fau_at8) November 19, 2018

“I devoted my first love to Lord Frieza, and I loved him so much that when I was 19, I told my mom, ‘I love Lord Frieza so much. I just don’t think I could ever love a human, so I won’t get married. I’m sorry.’ My mom replied, completely seriously, ‘Do you think Lord Frieza, who has the power to destroy entire planets, would ever have feelings for a mere human girl like you?’”

Clearly Fau’s mom was was not having it. She posed a good argument: Why, indeed, would Lord Frieza care about a human girl? He’s too busy trying to eradicate the Saiyans and maintain his position as Emperor of the Universe.

Japanese netizens continued the argument, however, and the discussion proved that, despite her mother’s clapback, Fau’s love for Lord Frieza still hasn’t died:

Netizen: “Frieza is Emperor of the Universe, so he could probably have lots of wives, not just one. It’s possible that you could become one of them!”
Fau: “Lord Frieza is not that insincere. Please be more considerate with your words.”

Netizen: “The celebrity Frieza is pretty cool too.”
Fau: “Excuse me, that man is a false interpretation.”

▼ “Celebrity Frieza” played by comedian Masatake Yamamoto

On the other hand, many more were impressed with Fau’s mother’s fantastic response:

“Your mother calmly arguing back is amazing lol”
“Your mom is so funny!”
“Your mother’s response is awesome.”
“I laughed so hard at your mother’s reply haha”
“Your mom is the best!”

Fau hasn’t said whether she’s given up on her dream of marrying Lord Frieza, or whether she has accepted or is willing to accept a human husband instead, but it’s clear that her love for the Emperor of Universe 7 knows



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