Japanese cosplayer steps into new Jewel Cat Lingerie for crowdfunding campaign

One cosplayer, three different cats to choose from.

Japanese company Mocolle, which takes its name from the words mousou (“fantasy” or “delusion” in Japanese) and “collection”, has been proudly living up to its moniker over the years, making all our fantasies come true with crowd-pleasers like kimono-style roomwear and shrine maiden swimsuits.

Now the company is taking its design cues from the feline world, with a new line of underwear called “Jewel Cat Lingerie“.

As the name suggests, the new collection features a number of cute kitty details, brought together with a shiny jewel accent to elevate you from humble house cat to elegant feline.

Each design contains a bra, pants, armbands, a jewel-and-lace collar, and a cat-ear headband.

▼ There are three designs in the range, starting with the American Shorthair.

This set covers your private parts with American Shorthair fur patterns, and adds a touch of blue to the mix with satin bow accents on the pants and the lace armbands.

The back is equally as pretty as the front, with a cute bow on the back, where your cat tail would be, and a



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