Japanese bookstores harassed by people making them say title “My Husband’s D**k Doesn’t Go In”

Sometimes a risque book title results in unintended victims.

The novel Otto No Chinpo go Hairanai (My Husband’s Dick Doesn’t Go In) tells the autobiographical story of an anonymous housewife who goes by the pen name Kodama. The titular body part is meant to be both real and figurative as the book describes the connection between the lack of both mental and physical intimacy of the married couple.

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Kodama admits the choice of words in the title was a difficult one, but with “chinpo” (dick) being the core theme of the book, it needed to be included. Also, she didn’t want to sound evasive by toning it down with childish or scientific language. It was a risky move when it was released in 2017, but it seems to have paid off as it became a best-seller and is in the works to be adapted into a television series in 2019.

▼ To conceal her identity Kodama appears in public wearing a variety of masks.

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The success in itself is a nice story of a writer sticking to their vision and not kowtowing to nervous publishers and online language filters. However, there has been one unexpected snag in the book’s existence.

According to a column in magazine Shukan Bunshun by fellow novelist Mariko Hayashi, there have been instances of men calling up bookstores with young female clerks repeatedly and asking them about the book in an effort to get them to say the title out loud.

There aren’t enough details to know whether this is just a childish type of prank or guys trying to get some sort of thrill out of the experience, but it raises the interesting legal question of whether or not it’s a crime to call a book store and make the clerk say, “My Husband’s Dick Doesn’t Go In.”

▼ Some bookstores seem to have really embraced the concept with creative displays

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Legal advice website Bengoshi Dot Com consulted attorney Chie Terabayashi on the matter. She explains that it could fall under “obstruction of business” a wide reaching definition of crime that basically means impeding a store or office’s ability to conduct regular business.

This law gets used a lot in Japan in unusual cases such as guys stabbing themselves to get out of work, riding on the outside of a train, and paying for lunch with



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