Japanese bikini model bursts fan’s nude hot spring video fantasy bubble

Reveals trick of the trade regarding no-towel onsen travel videos.

As just about anyone with even a slight interest in Japanese hot spring culture knows, before you step into the communal bathtub, you’re supposed to not only be thoroughly washed, but naked too. That’s because keeping the hot spring water pure doesn’t mean just keeping it free of grime and dirt, but also free of any clothing fibers from towels or swimsuits.

However a noticeable exception is when models are being filmed or photographed in a hot spring for travel programs, pamphlets, or other promotions. At those times, the hot spring operators generally allow them to wear a towel, so that wide angle photos that show off the splendor of the hot springs can be taken without showing off the naked bounty of the models.

By the way, the models are almost always women. For female viewers, this makes it easier to envision themselves relaxing in such luxurious accommodations, and for male viewers, well, they just like looking at half-dressed women. But Japanese Twitter user @kuro_kirinn was startled (pleasantly) when he was watching a prime-time broadcast TV travel show which showed a young lady, not wearing a towel of any kind, soaking in a hot spring.

テレビ東京のアド街のタオルを使わず、女性の温泉入浴を撮影する技術は全旅番組が見習って欲しい https://t.co/9ZF5JRX6WD

くろきりん💮㌠浦の星輝画部📷 (@kuro_kirinn) January 02, 2019

“I want all travel shows to learn from the example set by TV Tokyo’s Admatic Tengoku program,” @kuro_kirinn tweeted, “and use this technique of filming women in the hot spring without wearing a towel.” It’s not clear whether his impassioned plea is because he’s such a stickler for water quality that he thinks even irregular towel use will permanently sully the spring, or because he dreams of a TV lineup featuring a lot more exposed female flesh. Either way, though, he enthusiastically applauded what he saw as an authentic display of proper nude hot spring etiquette.

And then the model herself came along and burst his bubble.

That’s model Mio Mito, who’s also the woman shown in the photo @kuro_kirinn tweeted. She promptly responded to the tweet, saying:

@baribarikun 失礼します、画像の者ですが 胸はニプレス、下は肌色の水着を着用しております

美東澪 ≫みおっぱい≪ 🍜 (@mitoumio) January 03, 2019

“Sorry to butt in, but I’m the person in the photo. I was wearing a nipless on top, and a skin-colored bating suit below.

“Nipless” is a catchall Japanese



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