Having a bad day? You need to know this hashtag that will bring you peace, joy, and cute animals

Because nothing calms the heart like adorable, sleeping puppers, right?

Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, the best thing I can do is lie down next to my curled up dog and gaze upon her peaceful, sleeping face. The very sight of it makes me feel better, not only because it is adorable, but also because it is relaxing to be around such a peaceful presence.

But we don’t always have access to a dog, or a cat, or another cuddly animal. So what do we do when we need some furry cuteness to calm our hearts and minds? Thankfully, Twitter user nasuko (@nasukooun) has the answer for us: just browse Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #ミジンコ寝.

▼ “I found the best Instagram tag”

インスタで最強のタグを発見した https://t.co/A4L7HZtxd5

nasuko (@nasukooun) March 28, 2019

As you might have guessed from nasuko’s tweet, ミジンコ寝 (“mijinko-ne”) is when a pet sleeps with its back legs pointing forward, and its front legs bent back. They almost look like shrimp with their curling legs, which is where the word “mijinko” comes in. “Mijinko”, known as “water fleas”, are, in fact, not shrimp, however; they’re actually tiny crustaceans with long tendril-like fins that look like arms.

▼ They look like this.

@nasukooun @JANKshun_chiya うちのミジンコも() https://t.co/MqNJ3ntaoq

ビチビチマン (@bichibichiman14) March 30, 2019

Up close, they aren’t cute at all, and it isn’t exactly clear why this is the creature chosen to compare our furry friends to, but who are we to tell the Japanese how to name their animals’ cute poses? Anyway, “ne,” written in the hashtag in kanji, means “sleep”, so essentially the hashtag #ミジンコ寝 means  “sleeping like a crustacean”. In other words, it is a safe place where you can go to find adorable animals folded up in sleep.

There are Shiba dogs

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この白いカタマリ、15分の1くらいに縮小してポケットに入れて会社に持って行って時々取り出してさすさすしたりこねこねしたりしながら毎日仕事したひ。なんてな。 #布団の神さな様 #ホワイトミート #クリィミィボディー #こんぱくつ #ミジンコ寝 #シバノオトシゴ #ねもい #ぬくい

A post shared by 白柴さな(バウ村のりこ) (@uminoriharu) on Feb 17, 2019 at 2:48am PST

And Chihuahuas

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お昼寝の時間    #ちわわ #ちわすたぐらむ #チワワ #チワワ画像 #チワワ部 #ロングコートチワワ #ロングコートチワワクリームホワイト #ロングコートチワワクリーム #犬のいる暮らし #ミジンコ寝 #chihuahua #chihuahuas #chihuahuadog #chihuahualove #chihuahuaoftheday #chihuahualife #mydog #mydogiscute #ilovemydog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #doglover #instadog

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And a puggo



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