Häagen-Dazs Japan releases Matcha Creme Brulee ice cream for a limited time

Luxury ice cream sandwich adds Japanese green tea to a classic French dessert.

Lovers of Japanese flavours have been truly spoilt by luxury ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs in recent years, with a number of limited-edition releases featuring specials like hojicha roasted green tea, cherry blossom, and kuromitsu brown sugar syrup.

Now they’re combining a very Japanese flavour with a famous French dessert for a limited time, to create the Green Tea Creme Brulee Ice Cream Sandwich.

While we were familiar with these two star ingredients, we’d never actually had them together in one dessert before, so we were curious to give the new ice cream sandwich a try. And when we opened it up and took it out of its packaging, we were greeted with the brand logo on two very green wafers.

We split the frozen dessert in two and found that the inside was filled with a generous mound of matcha ice cream, which has been blended with custard for this special release. Surrounding it was a thick casing of caramel-flavoured chocolate, with a dollop of caramel sauce on the inside to add the distinctive Creme Brulee flavour to the sweet.

When we bit into it, all these flavours melted on the tongue in perfect harmony. The bittersweet caramel sauce and slight astringency of the matcha were rounded off with a slight sweetness, thanks to the chocolate casing and the custard of the ice cream. The casing actually worked brilliantly with the wafers to perfectly replicate the crack of a creme brulee topping, making us feel like we were actually eating a real creme brulee with matcha custard.



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