Häagen-Dazs Japan recommends ice cream with tomato and avocado, so we trust them and try it

But do we regret it?

Being the eminently intelligent individuals that we are, we were pretty confident we’d figured out the ideal process for eating ice cream: put the spoon in the ice cream, then put the spoon in your mouth. But the key to a fulfilling life is always keeping your mind open to new experiences (that involve ice cream).

So when we stumbled across a part of Häagen-Dazs Japan’s official website with suggestions on how to spruce up the company’s offerings for new taste sensations, we decided to give one a shot, and placing our complete faith in Häagen-Dazs’ expertise we tried one we would never have thought of on our own.

Tomato avocado vanilla ice cream.

Häagen-Dazs lists difficulty levels for each of its “ice cream arrangement” recipes, and tomato avocado vanilla ice cream is designated as Level 1, the easiest to prepare, and it’s hard to argue with that assessment. The ingredients are:

● One individual-sized container of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream
● Avocado (amount: as much as you’d like)
● Tomato (amount: as much as you’d like)

Once you’ve assembled the ingredients, all you have to do is slice the tomato and avocado, then place them atop the ice cream. There are no other steps or seasonings.

Since you’ll be eating them with a spoon, it’s best to chop the veggies into small, bite-sized pieces. We opted for cherry tomatoes, figuring their extra sweetness, compared to full-size tomatoes, would go well with the ice cream. We started chopping, and once we had our pieces, we gently wiped the tomato chunks with a paper towel to remove the surface-area moisture and keep our ice cream from getting soggy. Once we’d cut up the avocado as well, we sprinkled everything onto our open container of Häagen-Dazs.

We’ve got to admit, the resulting combination looks really nice. The contrast with the white ice cream really makes the red and



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