Everyone in the office wears a bra in search of the true meaning of Brassiere Day

Many complain that Brassiere Day has become too commercial, so our team straps in to find the true spirit of the season.

This 12 February was a very special day. It was on this day over 100 years ago that the patent for the prototype of the modern bra was filed in the USA, according to Kyoto-based undergarment maker Wacoal. So the company designated this day to be “Brassiere Day.”

However, over the years, humanity has taken the humble bra for granted, and countless Brassiere Day sales at shopping centers, Brassiere Day cupcakes, and of course animated Bassiere Day specials by the Peanuts gang and the California Raisins have diluted the core messages of the holiday.

It was something that really ground the gears of our resident bra-wearer Go Hatori. Go knows well the spiritual benefits that comes with the supporting grip a mansiere offers his upper torso. It’s like constantly being hugged by God.

In 2016, Go remarked: “Today I wore a man-bra. I wore a white shirt so that it would show through and people might think it was cool. However, no one noticed. It was a different kind of lonely.”

Actually everyone noticed, but because Go is a high-ranking editor here, no one had the nerve to mention it to him. But this was all unbeknownst to Go, and as another Brassiere Day approached he would be damned if he let these unenlightened men continue to exist without knowing the bliss of wearing a bra.

“It keeps my mind on what’s happening near my pectorals, which helps my poise and posture. It’s very meaningful for me to share this experience with others. I work hard with this bra on for the day, and look forward to taking it off when I get home. It’s a tremendous sense of liberation to do so, and it’s a feeling I want everyone to experience.”
– [Go Hatori]

So, on the morning of 12 February, Go distributed bras to all the writers with instructions to wear it for the entire day of work.

Being the open-minded group of guys they were, everyone just kind of went with it and started putting on their new undergarments.

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